Primal Soil

This super clean, spore forming probiotic by
Organic 3 contains two clinically proven
strains of bacteria.

The health benefits of these spore forming strains are backed by scientific studies. Plus, they’re DNA tested for genetic identity, potency and purity. Just as important, you won’t find untested soil strains, common allergens or additives.

We source products from all over the world


Located in the beautiful foothills of ancient Sparta Greece, Olea Estates is deeply rooted in the tradition of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil just as their ancestors did for thousands of years.


From the land down under, Corganic sources the amazing Emu Oil from Walkabout Health, which was consumed by the Australian Aboriginals for health and vitality in the harshest conditions on the driest continent in the world.


Containing 30 times the natural vitamin C of oranges, wild Acerola cherries are picked by local villagers in the Brazilian rainforest, pureed, frozen and shipped to Corganic for U.S. distribution.  


We created Corganic after conquering our own personal health challenges. Having cut our teeth on the real and local food movements, empowered by the work of nutrition pioneers and sensitive to the needs of those with chronic illness, our philosophy is crystal clear:

Diet is the foundation in recovering and optimizing one’s health.


Learn whether probiotics with spore forming organisms are right for you and your family - and if yes, the best route to introduce them into your digestive health regimen. Eat dirt? Or maybe some of the microbes in it? There’s been a lot of recent discussion surrounding spore forming bacteria that are used in some probiotic supplements. As spore forming bacteria are still in their infancy in terms of scientific research, people want to know… Are they truly effective? And if yes, which strains are safe to consume? To start, spore forming bacteria are microbial strains that are formed from...

It all starts on your plate, says Dr. Steven Lin, DDS, who’s sharing his nutrition-based (results-oriented!) protocol, “The Dental Diet,” with Corganic readers Some might say Dr. Steven Lin, DDS is the present embodiment of Dr. Weston A. Price, one of America’s greatest nutrition pioneers who started out as a dentist. Dr. Price traveled the world in the 1930s, seeking the answers to why his patients had crooked, decaying teeth… In doing so, he studied indigenous peoples who maintained their traditional diets and compared their health with those who had been exposed to modern, processed foods. Now Dr. Lin is the first certified...

Learn how GutPro® is different than any other probiotic on the market, and whether this custom blend is right for you and your family We wanted to take time today to give you some background on our GutPro® probiotic. We get a lot of questions about this special product, as it’s very different from the mass produced, store bought probiotics — and our new customers want to be assured they’re getting a supplement that fits their unique, important needs. To start, our philosophy is that overall health begins in the digestive system; so a healthy gut equals a thriving, happy...