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Corganic sources and sells real food, which is loaded with nutrients and carries a very short and easy-to-recognize ingredient list. We have a selection you won’t find anywhere else, that’s been curated from farmers, fishermen and food artisans from around the globe.

Our philosophy is that diet is the foundation in recovering and optimizing one’s health — and we make it our life's work to help customers along this journey. The goal behind our products is to kick start the digestive system and maximize the assimilation of nutrient dense foods, ultimately supporting the entire immune system.

As you may have come to discover, accessing authentic food has become an ongoing treasure hunt in our world of highly processed, nutrient void, genetically altered and artificial foods. We aim to make your job of finding truly nutritious “healing” foods easier — by providing pure, premium health food and supplements in our one-stop, online shop.*

Here’s our criteria for choosing the special foods and products we offer:

  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats;
  • Traditional foods that our ancestors consumed for thousands of years to thrive in challenging conditions;
  • Organic, non-GMO or sustainable/natural;
  • No additives, chemicals, allergens or fillers;
  • Very few ingredients;
  • Derived from earth-friendly, compassionate principles; 
  • Fresh and nutrient dense.

Moreover, we thoroughly vet all of our products so you don’t have to: We test our core products in third-party labs and consult with a board of doctors and nutrition experts. We engage in comprehensive dialogue with our producers and personally consume every single new product before offering them to you.

The drive to heal from chronic health conditions and achieve optimal health is what brings most people to Corganic. Many of our products fall in line with the principles of healing diets like GAPS, Body Ecology, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol or Ketogenic. They're also ideal for incorporating into real food regimens like Bulletproof, Paleo and ancestral eating.

Whether you’re facing your own health challenge, want to nourish your body or just want to learn more, we understand and are here to help!


We carry an unparalleled line of supplements by Organic 3, Inc - that was created with a different approach in mind. The folks at Organic 3 believe knowing the most up-to-date science is extremely important, but knowing your customer is equally important.

So they gathered feedback from mothers of children on the autism spectrum, people with chronic disease and those on very special diets - listening to their desperate calls for help when no one else would.

The result is a collection even the most sensitive of the sensitive can consume... that includes probiotics, digestive enzymes and minerals. Highly researched, clean, sans fillers and very effective, Organic 3 supplements are appropriate for people using diets such as GAPS, SIBO, Body Ecology, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP),  gluten free, soy free or casein free.*

And Organic 3’s supplements are not just for the very sensitive. Practitioners, biohackers, elite athletes and health conscious individuals also use them as a powerful part of their regimens.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


“After healing my own digestive health condition that nearly took my life, my dear friend was inspired and successfully integrated a real food diet to completely recover her son from an autism diagnosis. This in turn inspired me to start Corganic and share the knowledge I gained from going to hell and back. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on treatments and useless supplements, I realized I had to take charge of my own health - and that food is the most powerful path to healing.” – Daniel Corrigan


"When you take a closer look at the latest biohacking and cutting-edge nutritional trends, it all circles back to the foods our ancestors consumed. Over the course of thousands of years, traditional cultures instinctively sought out foods that provided them with vitality, energy and healthy babies. Food knowledge and cooking skills developed into cuisines that were handed down from one generation to the next.  Sadly, so much of this invaluable knowledge has been forgotten as we rely more and more on a modern food system that is depleted in nutrients. Our mission is to bring back these healthy foods that are so critical to abundant health." - Archie Welch


“As a Lyme survivor and a mother of a daughter who was born with Lyme, I understand the pain and isolation of illness. I also know that the body wants to heal if you let  it - always with real food first. This means sourcing the best, most nutritious food globally and avoiding any supplement or medication that’s synthetic and toxic. Digestion is everything. It's at the root of all healing! I’m proud to say that my daughter and I have healed. And I am honored to support and grow with our customers - because I've been there.” – Karen Myers


Dan Corrigan, Karen Myers and Archie Welch created Corganic after conquering their own personal health challenges. Dan lived with a chronic digestive disorder that kept him underweight even while consuming double and triple the calories of an average person of his height and stature. Karen and her baby daughter were diagnosed with debilitating and all-consuming Lyme. Archie’s daughter was diagnosed with Type I (juvenile) diabetes at age 12, which prompted him to investigate if there was more he could do to help, aside from giving her insulin for the rest of her life.

While the three cofounders did not yet know each other, they were on similar paths. Dismayed and finding no answers with the conventional medical system and realizing our food system is broken, they all set about learning and going through various diets, detox programs and health regimens. They became involved with the local food movement and consuming organic and pasture-raised foods. They learned about traditional cultural diets, healing without pharmaceutical drugs and understanding the connection between what we eat and our health.

In January 2008, Archie’s wife, Deidre Currie-Welch, suffered a pulmonary embolism and passed away. As a memorial to Deidre, Archie planned a festival in her honor featuring some of the top speakers in the holistic food and health movement, along with an amazing farmers market of local foods. As the word spread through the real food community, Dan, Karen and several others stepped up to help plan the event. It was during the planning sessions the three cofounders of Corganic became friends. After the success of the Deidre Currie Festival, Dan went on to distribute GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) books, probiotics and fish oil. Soon after, he asked Archie and Karen to join him and together they formed Corganic, an online health food retailer, as well as Organic 3, a premier supplement company.

Having cut their teeth on the real food and local food movements, empowered by the work of nutrition pioneers and sensitive to the needs of those with chronic illness, the philosophy of Corganic became crystal clear: Only offer the highest quality, most effective foods and supplements.  

Our story isn’t over. As we persevere on our own personal journeys, we continue to gain wisdom and evolve. This will undoubtedly be highlighted on our site. And this is why we embrace our motto - a true reflection of our personal lives and  devotion to our customers: When you know better, do better.

Product source story

We know our products from the ground up: where they originated, what’s in them and how they can help people thrive.

Our digestive supplements are made from only the most pure, hypoallergenic, beneficial bacteria and minerals on the market.

And most of our suppliers are small farmers, fishermen and food artisans, who are just as passionate about quality. Here, you will find food thoughtfully and responsibly sourced from around the world, including Norway, Australia, Brazil, Greece, the U.K., the South Pacific Islands… and of course, right here in America.


Quality products and services

I am impressed by the products and services of Corganic. They carry the top-notch EVCLO by Rosita. Also, the customer service team goes the extra mile to resolve any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Griffin S.


I discovered Corganic at the bulletproof conference in 2015 and spoke with the owner (I think). When researching the overwhelming topic of probiotics, I ended up purchasing here because of the meticulous process and sourcing used. It’s a company with integrity! So far, after just under two weeks, I’m doing well with (GutPro); I’m very sensitive and I can tell that it’s very clean and pure. If you care about who you’re buying from, how supplements are made and the customer service, choose Corganic.


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