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Pure Gusto™ Prebiotic Capsules - by Organic 3, Inc.

Prebiotic fiber supplement in capsule form to promote intestinal health and immune function

Pure Gusto™ is a unique prebiotic fiber supplement by Organic 3. Many  prebiotic supplements you’ll find on the market today are made from fructooligosaccharides -  a sugary, starchy substance that feeds pathogens. Instead, Pure Gusto combines galactooligosaccharides with beta-glucan.

This special combo provides targeted support for gastrointestinal function, as the galactooligosaccharides, a type of prebiotic that naturally occurs in human and cow's milk, stimulates the growth of healthful bacteria. And beta-glucan, a soluble fiber with prebiotic activities, is supportive of the immune system.*

With a total of 60 convenient vegetarian capsules, Pure Gusto™ may be taken by children and adults alike - and may be suitable for infants and the elderly, especially those with diets lacking enough fiber.

Pure Gusto™ is free of the following common allergens: eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, yeast and soybeans; and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives (While Organic 3 attempts to avoid all common allergens, in order to produce a prebiotic without  fructooligosaccharides, Pure Gusto™ does contain very small amounts of dairy and fish).

Pure Gusto™ works synergistically with Organic 3 probiotics to maintain a healthy, balanced gastrointestinal microflora. Try it and enjoy a bit of gusto in your day!



Galactooligosaccharides, Beta-Glucan (purified from Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water), L-leucine, and cellulose.

Contains: Milk and Fish (bonito).

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Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct light.


Take one capsule daily.

Important: The supplements we carry are premium, pure and potent. Therefore, it’s critically important to start slowly, with a lower dosage than recommended. For example, a very small dose every other day, or even once a week, until you can determine how the supplement affects your body and what dose feels right for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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