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Leaf Lard - Pasture Raised

Enjoy a pure, pasture raised, trans-fat free Leaf Lard – the bakers' choice!

Lard became a casualty of the low fat craze of the past 50 years. Yet recent science is vindicating this historic, nourishing food, shedding light on its properties as a "healthy fat."*

Now Corganic is helping to bring lard back to the forefront of the American diet, starting with our Fatworks Premium Pastured Raised Leaf Lard.

Please note your fat is always pasture raised :) See our FAQ below on why labels vary. 



Pork fat, organic rosemary extract. 

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Store refrigerated.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully, this is the first question you looked for when you came to our site. Nothing is more important to an animal's quality of life than what they eat and how they are raised. For this reason we only use Pasture-Raised animals. The cows we use only eat grass and the ducks and pigs eat what they find in pasture in addition to their non-GMO feed. Please note that we are not certified non-GMO since we use small family farms as our source and many of these farmers can not afford, or simply do not wish, to go through the certification process.

So what's in the feed you ask? It's a high quality non-GMO mix of grains and soy. We realize some people are concerned about soy in particular because soy contains isoflavonoids which are biologically active compounds such as phytoestrogens. Some researchers believe these have a deleterious effect on the human body while other researchers will cite studies which claim that soy isoflavonoids are in fact beneficial. (Funny thing this food science.) For what it's worth, the founders of Fatworks try to avoid soy in their diet. That's why it was a happy day indeed when we received the email from the lab which stated, "it doesn't look like there are any "isoflavonoids" in the duck fat." A little known fact is that the isoflavonoids, it seems, are absorbed in the muscle meat and possibly the organs, but not the fat! The same principle applies for grain proteins such as gluten. Gluten is NOT absorbed into the fat of animals. Therefore our fats are, of course, gluten free.

We would like to stress once again that all the farmers we source from state that the soy or grains they use are non-GMO. Again, these are PASTURED ducks, pigs and cows. If you know anything about standard farming practices you know this is very rare indeed. Unlike the vast majority of ducks and pigs raised in the U.S., the animals we source feed on true pasture which provides them grass, grubs, clover and anything else they would eat in nature, making for a much more rounded fatty acid profile. Conceptually we would love, love, love to rid soy and even grains from all animal food supply, but this would literally starve the animals on pasture. It is currently only possible to feed without grain supplementation on very, very small farms, most of which are not USDA certified.

We thought long and hard about what we would permit in the feed of our products and basically it came down to this: We were not going to let the "perfect be the enemy of the good". Our mission is and has always been, to provide the best fat possible with the resources available. We created Fatworks to provide people with a healthier and better tasting alternative to trans fats and highly oxidizable industrialized seed/vegetable oils such as corn oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, etc. and we believe that we are making a difference. More people are starting to cook with REAL oil again for the first time in two generations, you know, back before heart disease and diabetes were epidemic and before... whoops, we got a bit off track there. Sometimes we get a little carried away when we talk about traditional fat, especially when our supporters know and care enough to ask the right questions.

No. We are not "Certified" Organic, but for fat's sake, please read on! When it comes to say, an apple, we understand that having an organic certification is a great way to quickly know if a product meets a certain level of quality. However, we think the USDA falls short on their overall standards for certain organic certification. They believe for example that a bird raised in a cage can somehow be living an "organic" life. We do not agree. What we DO believe is in our farmers. We search for farmers who have standards that we believe exceed the USDA in every way. The animals we use are Pasture-Raised, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, Chemical-Free, and are raised by farmers doing it right! So even though we can't say that we sell organic lard, organic tallow or organic duck fat, if you know much about duck and pig farming you will know that Fatworks products are FAR, FAR beyond standard. For us it comes down to making the healthiest lard, healthiest tallow and healthiest duck fat. To this end we believe in our farmers, not the government.

Please note that we are not trying to disparage true organic farmers in any way. There are some small, and even some large companies who are organic and deserve your full support, however those companies are quickly becoming the minority. In fact, it is becoming clear that organic labeling no longer represents the small farms that it was designed to promote and instead has become, for the most part, a marketing tool for "Big Food" and "Big Agriculture". As this eye opening article shows, major corporations, and not small organic farmers, have come to dominate the boards that set the organic standards.

Yes, however if you are allergic to those let us put your mind at ease. We use a shared facility but we never share the facility with anyone else the day that we render. Here's how it works... Let's say that a soup company was making a soup on Monday, well, after they are done making their soup they are required to sanitized all the kettles and surfaces areas and remove all product from the kitchen area. Now, let's say that on the next day, Tuesday, Fatworks is doing a rendering of Leaf Lard. What we do, and what we are REQUIRED to do, is to sanitize the kettles and surfaces before we begin the rendering. So, in short, the whole kitchen is sanitized TWICE before we do anything in the kitchen. If you are worried about cross contamination it is incredibly, amazingly and remarkably unlikely!

From farms that we know and trust to do it right! We then render and filter all of our products in Colorado or Oregon. As an aside, we love the idea of sourcing locally but we love making the best fat possible more. At times these two noble ideals conflict. When they do, making the best quality fat products always trumps sourcing locally.

Fatworks creates small batch, artisanal fats that are sourced from several small organic, Non-GMO farmers. 

Please know that all Fatworks lard and tallow is pasture raised. Even if the jar does not say "pastured raised" it is indeed pasture raised fat from a pasture raised farm. Fatworks only sources their pork and beef, lamb and buffalo from pasture raised farms and they receive affidavits from each farm stating that they are pasture raised and that they do not feed GMO feed to their animals. Due to the confusing, time consuming, sometimes expensive step of submitting claims to the USDA, some of Fatworks’ pasture raised farmers can not or do not wish to engage in the USDA claiming process. Some do take the time to do this.

Therefore, even though all of Fatworks’ fat is from pasture raised farms, some of the jars will not have the pasture raised claim while others will.

Again, we can't stress this enough, the quality of all of Fatworks’ fat is the same, in that it is all from pasture raised farms; David Cole from Fatworks is looking out for his customers to ensure the very important pasture-raised criteria is met, as well as the farms humanely, ethically and sustainably raising the animals.   

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Good product

I used this for my baking, it was wonderful, cannot believe what a difference it made. Will definitely use again.


Hi Angie, How wonderful that you used a traditional fat of the frontier era to up your baking game! Our grandparents definitely knew what they were doing, didn't they? ;) We're thrilled that you had a fantastic culinary experience - and we thank you for your support. Wishing you the best, The Corganic Team

Dan C.


It doesn't get any better than potatoes fried in lard.