Duck Fat

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Duck Fat - Pasture Raised, Non GMO

Small batch, kettle rendering and fine filtering equals pure, delicious duck fat by Fatworks

With a silky smooth mouth feel, deep browning ability and savory taste, duck fat adds unparalleled flavor to just about any dish – from potatoes to poultry to popcorn. Just mention duck fat fries and fat lovers go bonkers!

Comprised mostly of monounsaturated and saturated fats, duck fat is also an incredibly versatile, stable and healthy cooking fat.*

Now you can enjoy the only pasture raised, non-GMO duck fat sold nationally on the market.*

Please note your fat is always pasture raised :) See our FAQ below on why labels vary.


Pasture raised duck fat.

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Refrigerate after opening.

Frequently asked questions

Duck fat brings out an amazing flavor sensation to foods, especially potatoes. Unlike olive oil and butter, duck fat is reusable and has a higher smoke point for cooking, sauteing and frying.

Cage free simply means the ducks have access to the outdoors.  It does not mean they are out on a pasture or even leave their cages. These ducks are fed a vegetarian diet, consequently producing an inferior nutrient profile compared to ducks out on pasture foraging for nutrient-rich bugs, worms, seeds, etc. Due to the factory setting of most cage free duck fat operations, cage free duck fat is available in much larger quantities and lower prices than pasture raised duck fat from small artisan farms. Corganic distributes strictly traditional pasture raised duck fat rendered to the highest quality standards.

In addition to the amazing taste, duck fat is a very heart healthy lipid high in monounsaturated fats.  Most any food that's cooked or sauteed in pasture raised duck fat brings out an incredible taste sensation. Artisan produced on small farms, pasture raised duck fat is high in demand, yet the supply is limited due to the time and energy devoted to making each batch. Get your jar of pasture raised Duck Fat while they're in stock!

Fatworks creates small batch, artisanal fats that are sourced from several small organic, Non-GMO farmers. 

Please know that all Fatworks premium fats are pasture raised. Even if the jar does not say "pastured raised", it is indeed pasture raised fat from a pasture raised farm. Fatworks only sources their ducks (and chickens) from pasture raised farms and they receive affidavits from each farm stating that they are pasture raised and that they do not feed GMO feed to their animals. Due to the confusing, time consuming, sometimes expensive step of submitting claims to the USDA, some of Fatworks’ pasture raised farmers can not or do not wish to engage in the USDA claiming process. Some do take the time to do this.

Therefore, even though all of Fatworks’ fat is from pasture raised farms, some of the jars will not have the pasture raised claim while others will.

Again, we can't stress this enough, the quality of all of Fatworks’ fat is the same, in that it is all from pasture raised farms; David Cole from Fatworks is looking out for his customers to ensure the very important pasture-raised criteria is met, as well as the farms humanely, ethically and sustainably raising the animals.   

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Sharon .

Excellent product!

I love this wonderful fat to cook my sautéed greens and pastured eggs! And just about anything! Its a great source of K2 as well


Hi Sharon! We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying your pasture raised Fatworks Duck Fat. Your dish with the Duck Fat, farm eggs and greens sounds absolutely amazing! And you're right on about the Duck Fat also containing K2 :) We thank you for your support and wish you happy, healthy fatty cooking! Warm regards, The Corganic Team

Rashae S.
United States

I mean it’s duck fat. In a jar. #enoughsaid

Product was clean, easy to use, delicious.


Hi Rashae, Thanks for the kind (and cute) review of Fatworks Duck Fat ; ) We too are wild about this very special pasture-raised and Non-GMO, luscious fat. We appreciate your support - and wish you well as you continue to enjoy your Duck Fat : )

Eyal S.

Absolutely love it!

So tasty, can't have enough!


Thank you, Eyal! we're so happy to hear you're crazy about this truly special and delicious fat. We appreciate your business and your supportive feedback : )