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Our Gut Health Kit was developed for those with significantly impaired digestive systems — lacking the beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes to properly digest food and assimilate nutrients.*

Without proper digestion (and ease of elimination), we become toxic and therefore, our immune systems become compromised. Eventually we may find ourselves with a leaky gut, severe food allergies, chronic fatigue and inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, mood disorders or other autoimmune problems.

Shipping Info/Storage

  • GutPro® probiotic: Ships 2-day express Monday through Wednesday only. Once the probiotic arrives, it should be kept free of moisture and refrigerated for long-term storage.
  • GutZyme® HCl: Does not require refrigeration when shipping. It can be stored at room temperature.   
  • Yeastbiotic™: Ships 2-day express Monday through Wednesday only. Once the product arrives, it should be refrigerated  for long-term storage.


IMPORTANT: For best results, begin by introducing each supplement one at a time.

GutZyme® HCl: Take capsule before each meal daily. Do this for one week before adding the next item to your protocol.

GutPro® Powder (GPP): Once adjusted on the GutZyme® HCl and if you feel ready to move forward, you can introduce the GPP. Begin with the smallest spoon (spoon 1) and mix with food (see “low and slow” note below). Take it separately from the GutZyme® HCl by at least one hour. Refer to the enclosed dosing guidelines for more detail.  

Yeastbiotic™ (YB): Once you reach your therapeutic dose with the GPP (again, please refer to our enclosed dosing/storage guidelines), you can add the Yeastbiotic™. Take one YB once or twice daily until the bottle is empty.

Start low and slow: The digestive health supplements we carry are premium, pure and potent. Therefore, it’s critically important to start slowly, with a lower dosage than recommended. For example, a minimal dose every other day, or even once a week, until you can determine how the supplement affects your body and what feels right for you. 

Warning: As GutZyme® HCl contains HCl (hydrochloric acid), it's not intended for babies or toddlers unless otherwise prescribed by a healthcare professional. Please do not open the capsule, as consuming the powder directly may erode tooth enamel cause and/or irritate the soft tissue lining of the mouth and esophagus. Do not take this product if you have an ulcer. If you experience any stomach upset or heartburn, discontinue use immediately. Keep out of reach of children.  

Frequently asked questions

Each person is unique and there are many variables involved, i.e., lifestyle, diet, other supplements and medications you may be taking, etc.* The idea is to go slow, take your time introducing the supplements and keep working with your diet (such as implementing healthy fats and eliminating any artificial or difficult to digest substances, including synthetic vitamins, GMOs, preservatives, pesticides, etc).*

If you're experiencing a reflux, have an intolerance to many foods, struggle with gas, burping or bloating following a meal, you may be lacking in digestive secretions and require hydrochloric acid and enzymes.* It is also a sign that you may need to eliminate processed foods from your diet.

GutPro® Powder is not encapsulated. Mixing it with food will help to protect the beneficial bacteria from stomach acid and usher the organisms down into the digestive tract where they belong.  

Take the GutZyme® HCl before your meal as suggested. Wait until after your meal (about an hour) and take the GutPro® Powder with a spoonful of food, such as cow or goat's milk, yogurt or kefir, coconut yogurt, luke warm broth, or sprinkled on a fatty food, etc.

No, GutZyme® HCl is not intended for use with children. GutZyme® HCl contains hydrochloric acid (HCl), an important ingredient for people with low stomach acid production. Please see warning in the dosage section above.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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