"Always goodness for my health!"
Thank you for your review! We're so happy you enjoy the fresh fish taste of EVCLO. And we agree that the nutrients and goodness of this truly special, wild caught and raw cod liver oil does a body good! ; ) - Corganic
Cod Liver Oil
"It hasn't been long enough using the product specifically to site any tangible benefits. However, after extensive research on Cod Liver Oil and the various extraction processes, I have concluded that Rosita labs is the only existing Cod Liver Oil manufacturer to both use the cold press extraction method and add no synthetic vitamins. So, I was sold before even trying it. And I must say that COrganic has delivered me with the very best customer service experience of any online distributor I have ever ordered anything from. The updates and emails along every step of the process is unprecedented, and my product shipping details were up to the second. It also arrived very promptly from order placement, and the meticulous care in packing the items was glaringly apparent. I will be a long-time, recurring customer for sure. Thank you and keep up the great work!"
Jay S.
Hi Jay, Thank you so very much for the thoughtful review and your support! You've officially made our week : ) We're really excited that you've done your own research and found that Rosita EVCLO is indeed a truly remarkable product in its quality of ingredients, care in production and potential health benefits. We hope you continue to enjoy it and let it do its work : ) We're also thrilled that you are enjoying our customer service and noticed all of the things we've done to ensure you get your package in a timely manner, especially compiled for you. We really want to make this experience a breeze for you, and to let you know how much we value your business and input. And ultimately, we want to help support your health. We are so thankful to now call you a "long-time reoccurring customer," as you put it... and we are happy to listen or offer any help you need in the future! Wishing you the best and thank you again. Warmly, The Corganic team - Corganic
Great Quality Product
"I had an excellent experience. I recommend this product."
Arturo D.
Dear Arturo, Thanks very much for your supportive feedback. We're so happy your experience has been excellent and look forward to serving you! - Corganic
Great Product
"GutPro capsules helped restore my energy after several rounds of antibiotics. Noticeable difference after taking these probiotics."
Lisa S.
Hi Lisa, We are really happy to hear that GutPro helped support you after your antibiotics. A lot of customers also use our Yeastbiotic as compliment to GutPro while on antibiotics or after : ) Thank you so much for your support and we're glad to hear you're feeling better! Take care, The Corganic team - Corganic
High Quality product
"I use this product to strengthen my teeth. Thank you very much."
GutPro capsules
"This probiotic seems to be very effective. It seems to be helping to clean out my digestive system of candida."
Robert D.
Cod Liver Oil
"Enjoying good health. truly believe in this product. rarely ever get sick even when others around me are experiencing colds and flu . I take it with my breakfast every morning . It works for me! "
Maureen I.
Dear Maureen, Thank you so very much for your feedback. We're thrilled to hear you're warding off colds and feeling great with EVCLO as part of your regimen. Thank you for believing in our product! We too strongly believe in the power of the nutrients in fresh, wild-caught and raw cod liver oil : ) Thanks again and take good care : ) - Corganic
Amazing Company
"We have been so impressed with Corganic. The customer service was incredibly helpful. Karen is helping guide us to finding healthier products for our daughter with FPIES. My husband is a fan of the Primal Gut, and it is helping him heal from ulcerative colitis. Unmatched quality in the market. I feel lucky that we found them!"
June A.
Wow, June... we are humbled and so appreciative of your supportive feedback. We are happy to assist you and your family anytime. It's absolutely wonderful to hear that our products are helping your family along their health journey - it's the entire reason we got into this business : ) Also, we are lucky to have you as a customer! And we look forward to keeping in touch. Best, Karen and the Corganic team - Corganic
Love it.
"The biggest benefit I notice is an increase in my cognitive function. That is very important to me. "
Suzanne D.
Thanks a ton for your thoughts, Suzanne. We're thrilled that you're feeling sharp with the support of our EVCLO! - Corganic
"I do hope that this is top quality. I will keep taking it and ordering more of it. "
Anya E.
Thank you so much for your feedback, Anya! As this is the only fresh, wild caught and raw cod liver oil in the world, we really think you will continue to like it! We truly appreciate your support. - Corganic
I do have to squeeze
"I do have to squeeze some lemon in my mouth after taking it, but I know it's working for me. My 1 year old takes it like a champ."
Kristin i.
"My whole family loves this product. My kids love the taste. I personally have more energy and accomplish more in a day like never before. Definitely ordering more for us and extended family. I can’t wait until the other products could ship to Canada. Thank you for your authenticity! "
Fatouma L.
Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil - 150 ml
"I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency in March, so I decided to order your cod liver oil after doing some research. I did not want to take vitamin D pills. I am pleased to say that after my October check up, my vitamin D levels have returned to a satisfactory level. I credit the cod liver oil. Thanks. I hope this helps someone else. "
Jackie O.
Go-to Infant Probiotic
"My daughter is very sensitive to many foods and supplements. This is the only probiotic that she has done well on and I love how powerful it is with just a small amount making it last 5x as long as others we have tried in the past. I love knowing I am giving her pure probiotics without any other ingredients! "
Megan Kelly
True Quality
"As a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, I have tested many fish oils and most of them are rancid which is unfortunate considering how many people are taking them each day. This product is truly pure and benefits the body in incredible ways. Thank you for making a truly quality product! "
Megan Kelly
Awesome Energy Boost
"This product has become one of my go-to magnesium supplements as taking it first thing in the morning gives me a noticeable mood and energy boost without caffeine. "
Megan Kelly
Great for Stopping Teeth Grinding at Night
"I love taking this magnesium before bed to relax and I have noticed that since taking this, I don't grind my teeth in the middle of the night anymore! Great calming effect on the entire body. "
Megan Kelly
"It doesn't get any better than potatoes fried in lard."
Dan C.
You need the spoons
"The spoons fit the bill for using the Probiotics"
Elizabeth c.
Absolutely love it!
"So tasty, can't have enough!"
Eyal S.
Thank you, Eyal! we're so happy to hear you're crazy about this truly special and delicious fat. We appreciate your business and your supportive feedback : ) - Corganic
Highest Quality Fish Oil After Extensive Research
"I'm extremely selective with what I put in my body. EVCLO is the only fish oil I trust after EXTENSIVE research. Been taking this on and off for years. Wife will start taking the capsules, as she can't stomach straight fish oil. I highly recommend EVCLO and Corganic, as a matter of fact I recently recommended it to all my friends via a Facebook post. Stay healthy~~"
Matthew E.
Dear Matthew, Thank you so very much for your kind words and support! We appreciate customers that really understand our products. With EVCLO, we've literally gone across the globe to ensure you have the most authentic, fresh cod liver oil with its naturally occurring vitamins and essential fatty acids intact. We're also grateful for your recommendation to your loved ones and on social media; word of mouth helps us tremendously. Take care and we're always here to help. - Corganic
Great Product
"Great Product I will order again Douglas Boone"
Douglas B.
Great stuff
"I have been taking this product for over a few weeks, and I can immediately see a difference in my energy. I feel awakened, energized, and totally complete. I will continue to use this and buy more as I run out"
Victoria B.
love gutpro
"works great"
Cheryl B.
First Imprression
"Jennifer Char and the owner of the company were very kind to me as I am new to the company and I just made my first purchase. It looks like a company that has first rate products, integrity and professionalism."
Laura M.
Excellent taste!
"Wow! I took me a long time to open my bottle after I received it because I had such bad experiences previously with some other brand of cod liver oil. It was just sitting in the fridge and today I decided to start taking it. It actually has a great fresh taste! It doesn't taste bad at all like what I was used to. I can't comment on the health effects yet but I am totally satisfied with how easy it will be to ingest this oil everyday."
Annie G.
High quality
Great Product
"I really like this cod liver oil. I've been taking the fermented version for years, but a few days on this cod liver oil and I've already noticed more improvement in my health. I think the quality is phenomenal and I'm a new long-term customer."
Mari D.
Taste natural
"Fresh natural taste of cod oil you can get . Luv it thank you rosita"
Xuan V.
Excellent product
"My favorite supplement to take now. Getting ready to order more bottles of these softgels. No burping up fish taste like some of the ones I've used in the past. My eyes are starting to clear up too, I believe it's because I'm getting a quality vitamin A. I did a little research on a competitors product I was using and sent them an email. They told me they heat their oil, and then add synthetic vitamin A. I threw it away when I got the Rosita."
Peter C.