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120 capsules

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GutZyme™ Assist is a digestive supplement is perfect for people who have adequate HCL levels but want to maximize their absorption of fats, proteins, minerals and other nutrients. It includes all the same enzymes as the original GutZyme™, plus additional enzymes to assist the digestion of beans and other carbohydrates. You can even open up the capsules to consume since it does not contain HCL and Pepsin.

GutZyme™ Assist Contains Additional Enzymes:

Glucoamylase helps to break down starch that occurs naturally in most vegetables Invertase is a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme that splits sucrose (common table sugar) into its component parts, glucose and fructose.

Maltase breaks down the disaccharide maltose in to two glucose molecules, which are easily oxidized by the body for energy.

Alpha-Galactosidase helps break down the polysaccharides and oligosaccharides found in foods that are typically more-challenging to digest such as peanuts, beans, lentils and cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Beta-Glucanase represents a group of carbohydrate enzymes which break down glycosidic bonds within beta-glucan.

Comprehensive Enzyme Blend (600 mg) in a base of cellulose*

With the following minimum enzyme activity:

Carbohydrate Specific Enzymes:
  - Amylase 15,000 DU* 
  - Glucoamylase 30 AGU*

Sugar Specific Enzymes:
  - Invertase 135 SU*
  - Lactase 1,500 ALU*
  - Maltase 200 DP*

Vegetable/Plant Specific Enzymes:
  - Alpha-Galactosidase 300 GaIU*
  - Beta-Glucanase 20 BGU*
  - Phytase 10 FTU*

Protein and Peptide Specific Enzymes:
  - Protease Peptidase Complex 40,000 HUT* with exopeptidase and DPP-IV activity

Fat Specific Enzymes: 
  - Lipase 1,000 FIP*

*Daily Value not established

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