Extra-Virgin Butter Oil

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Discontinued. Please see description.

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Discontinued. This product has been replaced with Walkabout Australian Emu oil.

Extra-Virgin Butter Oil (EVBO) is one of the most stable, flavorful nutritional oils produced today
- although it has an old world traditional feel and taste. This rare and delicious oil begins it's cultivation on a small family-owned farm nestled in the mountains, surrounded by blue skies, sunshine, nutrient rich soil, fast growing, lush green grasses – perfect for grazing. The pampered cows are pasture rotated to ensure they receive the most vitamin rich grasses possible. It takes 26 days of grazing on rich pastures for the milk to test out at its peak and only then is the milk considered ‘high vitamin’ for use in Extra-Virgin Butter Oil.

Unlike many brands of Ghee and clarified butter that use high heat to extract the oil from the milk solids, destroying the lower fatty acid chains, EVBO is processed minimally to preserve all of the nutrients, freshness, aroma and color. Many lactose-intolerant people find no difficulty digesting EVBO which is also the perfect complement to our Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil, further accentuating the bio-available nutrients.

A natural source of vitamin A, E, K2 (MK-4), Butyric Acid, Wultzen Factor and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Extra-Virgin Butter Oil is small batch produced seasonally in the late spring and early fall. No grain, no corn, no GMO feed - just 100% pure untreated lush green grass!

Centrifuging is the most popular method of separating butter oil from the cream’s milk solids and moisture content. By spinning the cream the centrifuge process separates nearly all of the milk solids and moisture content from the butter oil. If the cream is spun too slow not all of the milk solids are separated, spun too fast the milk proteins can end up mixing with the oil creating a waxy, pasty oil that is light in color and bland in taste.

Rather than centrifuge Organic 3’s innovative process separates the cream’s milk solids from the oil by their molecular weight. This process is the least invasive, most accurate method available for the production of Extra-Virgin Butter Oil. The end result is nutrient rich butter oil that is guaranteed to be at least 99% pure with a deep yellow color and pleasant buttery taste.

Ingredients: High vitamin butter oil.

Other Ingredients: None.

Made from certified organic, 100% grass-fed cow's milk.

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