Evening Primrose Oil

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8 oz. glass bottle

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Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Our Evening Primrose Oil is made from the finest quality raw, cold processed, organic fresh pressed evening primrose seeds available.

Suggested Evening Primrose Oil Uses

  • Raw Evening Primrose Oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and also in small quantities - such as a teaspoon - as a daily supplement for women .

Rejuvenative Foods is proud to let temperature be our guideline in order to retain nutritional vitality

  • Pure raw oil temp never exceeds 90º- 115°F resulting in minimal molecular change from the nut or seed.
  • This raw oil exemplifies the most healthful options known regarding healthy fats and oils so you won’t be consuming hydrogenated or saturated fats or trans-fatty acids.
  • This raw primrose oil is never refined, processed or added to in any way. Furthermore refrigeration and 6-month freshness dating means life energy in this organic oil is retained.
  • We put fresh raw organic low temperature processed evening primrose seeds into our oil press, then immediately put the resulting oil into jars and refrigerate.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Raw, cold processed, organic, fresh pressed evening primrose seeds: 100% organic, unrefined, free of trans fats.

This product should not be shipped with dry ice, and will be packaged and shipped separately.