Would EVCLO be considered as "Excellent" by Weston A. Price himself?

Researchers at the Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation have delved into the archives of Dr. Weston A Price and sifted through hundreds of photos, manuscripts, papers and notes to discover the cod liver oil that Dr. Price described as "Excellent".

This information had been hidden for decades, but is now available for the very first time.

Dr. Price's notes describe a cod liver oil that falls directly in line with how Rosita produces Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO).

Squibb cod liver oil was deemed "Excellent" and used the following process:

  • Fish caught on small boats
  • Livers brought to shore the same day
  • The oil captured raw/fresh and is light (pale) in color
  • Never heated
  • No chemicals
  • Protected from sunlight, moisture and oxygen

Rosita’s EVCLO is all that… and much more!

  • Rosita only catches Gadus Morhua (the best type of cod)
  • Sustainable line-fishing method is used to catch the fish
  • Only ceramic knives are used to extract the liver (metal contributes to oxidation)
  • The livers and the oil never come in contact with metal during the entire process
  • Each and every liver is hand inspected for health; only the very best are used
  • A proprietary natural method is used to remove contaminants (no heat and no chemicals)
  • Organic Rosemary and full-spectrum vitamin E are used as natural antioxidants
  • Each bottle is nitrogen flushed and capped oxygen-free
  • From fish to bottle within 48 hours

And this is why Rosita's EVCLO costs more, because it is fresh and is handled with the utmost care.

Dr. Price would have considered EVCLO to be an excellent cod liver oil!


Rosita Big Cod Fish

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