Almond Oil

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8 oz. glass bottle

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Organic Almond Oil was created to exemplify the most healthy fats and raw oils available. Eating our organic almond oil instead of other almond oils is a great way to protect yourself from saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, and trans-fatty acids TFA's.

Cold processed raw almond oil is an organic oil that enhances flavors of foods. Rejuvenative raw almond oil was created to exemplify the most healthy fats and oils available.

Suggested Uses of Raw Almond Oil

  • This cold processed, vibrant vegan oil enhances flavors of foods including salads, nori, grains, potatoes, popcorn and toast. It’s also great for massage!

The Rejuvenative Oils Cold Pressed Process:

  • Our low-volume, high-tech press creates this fresh raw almond oil in small batches at low temperatures; never refined or processed in any way. We put high quality, fresh raw organic almonds into our press, then immediately date and refrigerate the almond oil in glass jars.

Advantages To A Low Temperature Process:
It’s better than just a low temperature pressed as this is likely heated at another stage in the production process.

  • Almond oil pressed at higher temperatures has larger yields, Rejuvenative Foods let’s temperature be the guideline rather than yield, never exceeding 90º-115°F so there is minimal molecular change when the seed or nut is transformed to raw almond oil.
  • Our low temperature process and 6 month freshness dating ensures you receive the highest quality organic cold processed almond oil we can create.
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Unrefined, Raw cold processed organic almonds.

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