Duck Fat

With a silky smooth mouth feel, deep browning ability and savory taste, our pasture raised duck fat adds unparalleled flavor to just about any dish. Comprised mostly of monounsaturated and saturated fats, it’s also an incredibly stable and healthy cooking fat.

We source products from all over the world


Located in the beautiful foothills of ancient Sparta Greece, Olea Estates is deeply rooted in the tradition of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil just as their ancestors did for thousands of years.


From the land down under, Corganic sources the amazing Emu Oil from Walkabout Health, which was consumed by the Australian Aboriginals for health and vitality in the harshest conditions on the driest continent in the world.


Containing 30 times the natural vitamin C of oranges, wild Acerola cherries are picked by local villagers in the Brazilian rainforest, pureed, frozen and shipped to Corganic for U.S. distribution.  


We created Corganic after conquering our own personal health challenges. Having cut our teeth on the real and local food movements, empowered by the work of nutrition pioneers and sensitive to the needs of those with chronic illness, our philosophy is crystal clear:

Diet is the foundation in recovering and optimizing one’s health.


Learn how GutPro® is different than any other probiotic on the market, and whether this custom blend is right for you and your family We wanted to take time today to give you some background on our GutPro® probiotic. We get a lot of questions about this special product, as it’s very different from the mass produced, store bought probiotics — and our new customers want to be assured they’re getting a supplement that fits their unique, important needs. To start, our philosophy is that overall health begins in the digestive system; so a healthy gut equals a thriving, happy...

Fatty acids are classified as saturated, monounsaturated, or polyunsaturated. We can use the story of the three pigs to illustrate how the body uses and stores each type of fat. Each pig went out into the world to build their own home. The first pig built a house of straw, the second pig a house of twigs, and the third pig a house of bricks. Saturated fats such as coconut oil, palm oil, lard, tallow, and duck fat are the house of bricks. They are highly stable because all of the carbon-atom linkages are filled, or “saturated,” with hydrogen. Saturated...

Why this famously fatty fat by Fatworks makes your cooking simply divine - and is actually good for you!   When it comes to duck fat, you may think of French cuisine, fries from a cool gastro pub, or maybe even your grandma’s flaky pie crust. But this fat isn’t limited to gourmands or grannies any longer, thanks to Fatworks, a Colorado-based company that boasts an array of healthy, premium, traditional fats that are crafted in the most natural way possible. Helmed by David Cole, Fatworks is truly the first to bring these fats back to the forefront of everyday,...